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Private voice study requires the student's commitment to their art and willingness to experiment with their instrument. Students will be constantly challenged to improve their skills, knowledge, and musicality.
Acknowledging that everyone comes from various backgrounds and experiences, and have different goals as well, each lesson is personalized, but all are aimed to develop a healthy vocal technique and student independence.
If interested in studying with me, please send me a message:
Si eres hispanohablante y te gustaría estudiar conmigo, por favor anota tus datos aquí: 
Student Responsibilities
  •  Punctuality: Time missed because of tardiness will not be made up.
  •  Preparation: Students are expected to study and work on concepts from the previous lesson. They will also arrive with the necessary materials for a productive session (music, pencil, water bottle, etc.)
  • Communication: Any issues, changes or requests must be timely shared via email preferably 24 hours ahead. 
  • Professionalism: Students are expected to be respectful, kind, honest, considerate, and open to new ideas. Failure to meet these expectations may result in dismissal from the studio.
What you can expect from your teacher:
  • Punctuality: Lessons will begin and end on time. If it is agreed that lessons will run overtime because of a need for an extended exploration of a concept, there will not be an extra charge.
  • Preparation: Each student will have specific exercises and repertoire based on progress and current vocal development.
  • Communication: Any issues, changes, or requests will be shared in a timely manner, either via email or text.
  • Professionalism: Students will be treated with respect, humanity, and consideration. The teacher will be kind, empathetic, and thoughtful, always caring about your individual growth as a musician and singer.
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