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¡Hola! Are you ready to elevate your singing experience through the enchanting world of art songs in Spanish and Zarzuela? As a native Spanish speaker, I bring a unique authenticity to your journey of mastering Iberian and Latin-American art songs and Zarzuela. Whether you're a seasoned singer or a newcomer, I've identified common pitfalls and mispronunciations that non-native speakers often encounter. With personalized coaching, I'll guide you in overcoming these challenges and infuse your singing with the true essence of the language.

In 2022, I collaborated with the Boston Pops coaching the Spanish diction for Arturo Rodriguez's arrangement of 'Noche de Posadas'. Additionally, I assist my students every day in becoming more proficient in their Spanish pronunciation. To showcase their progress, we've even put together a recital featuring pure art songs from Latin America!

Let's embark on a melodic journey together, where your voice and the Spanish language harmonize beautifully and with precision!

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